World of Photo Retouching

While ghost mannequin editing ( in Photoshop or other photo editing tools is not quite a hobby or very popular among home or hobby users of Photoshop, it is never the less any less popular in the apparel industry. In fact, in the entire apparel industry, there is no other style of photography that is any more popular than ghost mannequin photography. Visit the link above to learns more about ghost mannequin editing or Photoshop ghost mannequin, AKA invisible mannequin editing.

Clipping path ( or image masking ( are couple of edit areas which are more popular in this area of Photoshop. People who use Photoshop for hobbies and for own personal use to edit hobby photography or personal family photography find them using clipping path and image masking all the time.

Business owners who need professional photo editing on their professional shot photos that were taken in a photography studio always get their images edited before publication. Whether the photos to be posted on the website or to use used in printed advertising materials, product and model images are typically edited in Photoshop to make them look more attractive and to remove any imperfection or blemishes form the photos.

Model image retouching is something that has been going on for a long time. Some of the model photos are retouched to such great length that an ordinary next door girl can even appear to be a supermodel. While there are lot of concerns on ethics surrounding the photo retouching practice, model photo retouching is not in any less practice. These days in the wake of public awareness however, one or two companies are releasing press release saying they will not retouch their images any longer. This is however not very common and 99.99% of the businesses continues to retouch their photos.